Me and My Baby

{ Tuesday, June 24, 2008 }
I just love to take walks with my baby in her stroller! I feel like such a big girl walking her around the neighborhood. I've had my baby since I was born. My Mommy and Daddy bought it to train our dog Buster, but I came so early that they weren't able to. So, I get to benefit from it and she's now all mine. "Baby" was the first word I said at 11 months old (other than Mama and Dada) because I've always loved being around her. My Grammy just got me two more babies. One that sleeps when I turn her bottle and another that giggles if I press her tummy. I even have a little crib for them to sleep in, too!

I also get a kick out of feeding my babies. I either feed them with a bottle or pretend to feed them with my hands or fork or spoon. In fact, one day my Mommy found a Cheerio sticking out of my baby's mouth!