{ Tuesday, June 24, 2008 }
My Mommy and I have been going to Gymboree classes for a few months now and we have such a great time. The class is about 45-50 minutes long. There are about 20 other kids my age that go so it's really loud and fun! We go on Wednesday mornings and if I have to miss a class I can go on Saturdays. I've done this twice and my Daddy has been able to go with me, too. We also had my Grandma and Grandpa join us another Saturday. I couldn't stop showing off when my Grandma came. I was constantly saying, "Mama, mama" for her to follow me around and watch me play on the equipment.

There is so much to do at Gymboree. From climbing up slides, to going down slides, to hanging on bars, crawling through tunnels, rocking on horses and boats, jumping on trampolines, singing, bubbles, going on and under a parachute to tossing bouncy and wiffle balls into hoops. I especially love the balls. I always have to carry as many wiffle balls as I can hold. Our class session ends in September, but we hope to sign up again for another round!

Here I am climbing up a ramp:

Going down a slide on sheep skin to make me go super fast!

We get to pat on this big tube and do the freeze where we lift our hands up and say "Shhh" to a really fun song! I'm on the end with Mommy:

Standing in the middle of a huge parachute. This is one of my favorite parts!

Yes, that's right. I can catch bubbles on my fingers without popping them. And then you know what I do? I EAT them!!

At the end we get to go under the parachute for more songs. This is really fun because when I stand in the center and the parachute goes down, it knocks me over and I just think it's the funniest thing! After the parachute, Gymbo the Clown comes out and gives kisses and then I get a stamp on my hands and tummy!

I just love being a kid!


Raising a Happy Child said...

I am glad that Haleigh is doing so well. Anna loves Gymboree and her Gym class as well, especially the parachute play. It's amazing to see how quickly they transformed from small babies into capable toddlers :)