Family Reunion at 7 Springs Resort

{ Tuesday, June 24, 2008 }
I got to see my Mommy's family for the first time since I was only 2 months old! We were there celebrating my Great Uncle Henry's birthday. The resort was beautiful. My Mommy and I drove around the area for a while to try to get me to take a nap in the car and I kept fighting it, but eventually did fall asleep. All of this, while my Daddy was golfing at the resort with all of the guys. My Mommy and I then got to hang out with all of the non-golfers for a while and then we had a nice dinner at the main lodge with everyone.

It was so much fun to spend time with my Mommy's family and to see my cousin Jack who is just one month older than me. He sure had lots of energy! I was able to see my Grampa again and and my Uncle Michael again, too!

Here I am with my cousin Jack and my Great Aunt Debbie:

It seemed like everyone wanted to take a picture of me! Here my Grampa was getting his fill!

Just me, striking a pose:

My Mommy and Uncle:

Me with Mommy and Daddy: