Easter - Then & Now

{ Tuesday, January 5, 2010 }
Whoops! I forgot to add this Easter entry... just thought this was cute that we have a similar picture from last year. Maybe we'll make this a tradition??


My Art Skills

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I just wanted to show some pictures I drew when I had just turned 2 1/2. My Mimi and Poppy got me this easel for my 2nd birthday and I use it just about every single day. I really love drawing!

Here is what my smiley face looked like:

My Mommy drew a sun and I drew my version of hers. Not bad!!

Here, I drew a happy sun!

This one, my Mommy drew a flower and I tried to make one, too.

Silly Girl... Again...

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I just LOVE to make silly faces... as you can tell!

Smarty Pants

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I really, really, REALLY love doing puzzles. If I can sit down for a few minutes a day and do some sort of puzzle, life is good. Here, I've put together just a simple puzzle for your enjoyment. My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Tony gave me this puzzle set when I turned 2 and it is a great starter set for learning jigsaw puzzles!

Water Painting

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I have recently given up my love of helping my Mommy cook dinner each night. So, to keep me busy she has started letting me paint the walls with water! She thinks it is a brilliant idea because it keeps me busy AND gets the walls clean! To top it off, too, I love doing it and am quite the artiste I must say!


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I found this old hat that my Mommy wore in Cozumel a few years back. I thought it would be an excellent cowboy hat and have added it to my dress-up stash.

All I need now is a sunset...

Weird Weather!

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Just a little weather to report. It was strange to be able to wear my bathing suit in April this year!!

Little Pouter

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A new trick of mine is hunching my shoulders over and moping around. It could be worse I guess. I could be one of those kids that kicks and screams and throws themselves on the floor. I'm much too sweet for that though. Interesting fact: I have never seen anyone do this in person or on TV so this must just be an innate feature that kids are born with. I'm really working hard to master this new found art.

What do you think? Is there an Academy Award in my future??

Exersaucer - Then & Now

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Oh... it's just so fun having a baby brother that gets to use my old stuff! It's always so fun trying out all of my old toys!


Two and a half!

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It really is just amazing how much the last 6 months has brought! At two years I was just starting to combine 2-3 words into sentences and 6 months later I'm having full conversations that most people are able to understand - well, at least some of the time! I'm fully potty trained, in fact this month (April) was the last month I wore pull-ups to bed and even then it wasn't necessary because I had been dry the whole month. My hair has gotten so long that my Mommy and Daddy are actually talking about cutting some of it off. My Mommy and Daddy always tell me how proud they are of me because they say I'm the most kind-hearted, loving, mild-tempered and well-mannered 2 1/2 year old they have ever known. Awh shucks!

Having fun playing in the volleyball court at the park that is one big, enormous sandbox!

My Mommy really wanted to capture this moment. She said that when I'm all grown up she wants to remember me being little like this, running free with the wind blowing through my hair. Sappy, I know, but she's my Mom and I think I'll keep her! Wait... does that mean I have a choice??

Well... hello there Mr. Squirrel!

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We got a new birdhouse this spring. I helped my Daddy pick it out at Lowes. It looks really nice just outside of our bay window in our kitchen. We really love to sit and watch all the different birdies come by to pick up food. Another fun perk is that we now have squirrels and bunnies coming right up to it. I love this, but my Mommy and Daddy seem quite annoyed because the squirrels climb up and knock the bird food down, hence bringing the bunnies over to clean up the mess. It's also fun to see Buster get worked up over all of these animals coming into the yard. It's really fun to yell, "SQUIRREL!" really loud and watch him dash to the back door. He swears one day he'll catch one of them (he wishes!)!! I love seeing all of these animals so up-close and personal though!

Here he comes!

The little daredevil!

Another little friend... the chipmunk!

A Little Bit of a Tomboy

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Yes, anyone that knows me would say that I am a super girlie girl. I mean, really, my favorite color is PINK for goodness sake! But, I also love throwing and catching balls. I was kicking balls when I was 10 months old! I love to run around the house saying, "Look how fast I can run, Daddy!" and I am fast...in little girl terms that is. I'm also very good at catching balls and have a pretty decent arm. I'm almost always on-target. Future ballerina or future ball player?? As you can see, even when I'm being sporty I have to have my girlie pink ball cap on.

My Yummy Creations

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My Mommy and me made some yummy peanut butter and raisin sandwiches. I really love helping in the kitchen. Especially when there is cake batter, cookie dough, or peanut butter involved.

Always taking care of someone...

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I love to take care of things... my baby, little Ben when he's sad, my Mommy or Daddy if they have a booboo so why would Buster be any different. He was laying on the floor which I found to be the perfect opportunity to let him borrow my most prized possession...my blankie! I was quite surprised when he didn't take to it too well! I guess he did humor me for a few seconds...

Silly 'Ol Me!

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Yep - that would be me... all swaddled up like Ben liked to be! Of course this was back in April when he was still being swaddled and I was all about doing things that he was into. Who am I kidding... I still am! We are two peas in a pod I guess.

Easter - Then,Then & Now!

{ Monday, October 12, 2009 }

Easter Dinner

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For Easter this year, we got dressed up and went to my Grandma & Grandpa's house. It was a nice time - the family is growing so it's a bit more chaotic than it was last year when it was just me, but it's so much fun now and I think next year will be even better since we'll all be a bit older!!

Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids:

Me and my family:

Happy Easter!

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That silly Easter bunny! He hid all of the eggs that we dyed and he also hid the Easter baskets he brought us! It was fun to go on an egg hunt and boy was I surprised when I saw my Easter basket hiding amongst my toys. The first words out of my mouth were, "I LOOOVE candy!" No statement were ever more true!

See, I found them!

Sibling love:

Even Buster was festive:

Perhaps a bit too much candy????

Crashing after the sugar high:

The Easter Bunny!

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OK, so I wimped out and didn't sit on his lap... so? I still thought he'd bring me some candy because I'm such a good girl - sensitive, but good. I had to entice him with carrots and a nice tall glass of water, of course. And guess what -he brought me AND Ben baskets of goodies and left us a little note thanking us for being so good! I sort of like this Easter bunny guy now!

He must have really been hungry!

Look at how good he was to us!

Easter Festivities

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I had forgotten how much fun Easter was! This year, we baked Easter cookies, dyed eggs. It was so much more fun then I remember it being last year!

Yummy cookies!
Lots of dying:
Getting a little fancy:
Giving him a little hair and some ears:
Such a fun time: