I'm 18 Months Old!

{ Monday, June 9, 2008 }

OK, so I'm actually over 19 months now, but like I said, I've been a busy girl the past few months! I have more and more words now and more signs, too! I have too many words to count and almost the same amount of signs now. I can also understand just about everything that is said to me. My Mommy and Daddy also have to be careful not to say certain words around me or I'll repeat them or ask for whatever they're talking about (like cookies or Popsicle!).

I'm very much an observer, but I also have lots of fun. I'm more active than ever these days. I am always pointing out this or that to my Mommy and Daddy - even the smallest of small things or the most out of the ordinary or out of the way things I will spot, say or sign and amaze them. I also know numbers up to three. If my Mommy or Daddy draw 1 circle, 2 circles and 3 circles in different orders, I am able to find the right one if they ask me to. My favorite number these days is 2. If I see two of anything I yell out, "Doo, doo" and try to contort my hand to make two fingers. I also know the colors red and purple and can point out the letter 'A' in a word.

I had my 18-month checkup back at the end of April and I was 21lbs. 8oz and was 31.5 inches long. I've gone up in percentile for height finally! I actually grew two inches which is the most I've grown since being a newborn. I'm now in the 45% in height (up from about 23%) and am still only about 11% in weight for my age. That kind of dropped from my 15 month checkup, but the Dr. wasn't worried because I'm so active. I'm just a small little girl, what can I say!?

Here are my 18-month pictures...

With my favorite blanket:

Here I am as a true patriot! I just love the flags. I can spot them from a mile away and constantly yell out, "Flag, flag, flag" until my Mommy and Daddy acknowledge that they saw the flag, too.

This one is funny because the flag is so big compared to little 'ol me:

And here I am hugging the flag. I always have to hug the flag as long as I'm able to touch it.


Raising a Happy Child said...

Haleigh looks beautiful in these pictures. It's amazing how much they pay attention to the world around them. I love watching Anna's language develop and getting glimpses of what is happening in her head, it's an incredibly exciting time.