Well... hello there Mr. Squirrel!

{ Tuesday, January 5, 2010 }
We got a new birdhouse this spring. I helped my Daddy pick it out at Lowes. It looks really nice just outside of our bay window in our kitchen. We really love to sit and watch all the different birdies come by to pick up food. Another fun perk is that we now have squirrels and bunnies coming right up to it. I love this, but my Mommy and Daddy seem quite annoyed because the squirrels climb up and knock the bird food down, hence bringing the bunnies over to clean up the mess. It's also fun to see Buster get worked up over all of these animals coming into the yard. It's really fun to yell, "SQUIRREL!" really loud and watch him dash to the back door. He swears one day he'll catch one of them (he wishes!)!! I love seeing all of these animals so up-close and personal though!

Here he comes!

The little daredevil!

Another little friend... the chipmunk!