Two and a half!

{ Tuesday, January 5, 2010 }
It really is just amazing how much the last 6 months has brought! At two years I was just starting to combine 2-3 words into sentences and 6 months later I'm having full conversations that most people are able to understand - well, at least some of the time! I'm fully potty trained, in fact this month (April) was the last month I wore pull-ups to bed and even then it wasn't necessary because I had been dry the whole month. My hair has gotten so long that my Mommy and Daddy are actually talking about cutting some of it off. My Mommy and Daddy always tell me how proud they are of me because they say I'm the most kind-hearted, loving, mild-tempered and well-mannered 2 1/2 year old they have ever known. Awh shucks!

Having fun playing in the volleyball court at the park that is one big, enormous sandbox!

My Mommy really wanted to capture this moment. She said that when I'm all grown up she wants to remember me being little like this, running free with the wind blowing through my hair. Sappy, I know, but she's my Mom and I think I'll keep her! Wait... does that mean I have a choice??