My 2nd Birthday Party!

{ Tuesday, December 30, 2008 }
I had such a great time at my 2nd birthday party! You would think I was already a little socialite. I was randomly walking up to people and sitting next to them casually as if I wanted to hold little conversations with them as they were to everyone else. I certainly acted like a little lady the whole night. Maybe it was my dress that inspired me to behave so properly. I just loved my dress! We had about 30 people come to help me celebrate. It was definitely a full house. My friend's Olivia, Madeline and Tyler (my new next door neighbor) also came to play with me. It was so much fun having so many friends over at once!!

With Mommy and Daddy:
My favorite part and the part I was so prepared for - singing Happy Birthday! I just stood on the chair and relished in it!
This year, I even blew out my own candles! I had some practice over the week leading up to it so that I could get it just right:
With Mimi and Grandma (notice the three of us almost have our hands in our laps the same way!):
Olivia and Madeline playing tea party (my favorite thing!):
Taking a break with Madeline:
Madeline's Mommy being festive with Minnie Mouse ears:
My Daddy's cousin, Brenda and my cousin Mallory also being festive with the mouse ears:
Having a blast playing in the jump-o-lene with my friends: