My Baby Brother is Here!

{ Friday, February 13, 2009 }
My baby brother, Ben, was born on January 30th at 7:52 pm. He weighed 9lbs. 5oz. and was 20 inches long.

I had so much fun that day! It started with my Daddy coming home from work early to take my Mommy to the "Dr.'s House" as I call the Dr.'s office and then we drove to the other Dr.'s House (known as the hospital) where my Mimi and Poppy arrived! My Mommy, Daddy and Mimi all waited in the waiting area until they took my Mommy and Daddy away to get my Mommy settled in.

I had lots of fun playing in the waiting area with Mimi and Poppy while Mommy and Daddy were gone.
Then a bit later, my Daddy came back and took me to my Grandpa's car and Grandpa and I went back to my house to play. My Aunt Laurie also came over a bit later to play with me, too! All the while, my Mommy was at the Dr.'s House having my baby brother. What a great day January 30th was!

The next day, my Daddy took me to visit Mommy and Ben in the hospital where I got to give him lots of kisses. He's so little!

And guess what?? He even gave me a new toy! A stuffed sheep!