My First Christmas

{ Tuesday, January 2, 2007 }
For my first Christmas, I decided to surprise my Mommy and Daddy and give them some extra sleep. I wanted to sleep for more than six hours as my gift to them.

When they realized that I had slept that long, they were actually concerned that they forgot to feed me. How funny! But, they were very thankful and well rested for our first Christmas together.

We were at my Grammy and Grandpa's house in Virginia for Christmas morning. I had never been to Virginia before and I know why my Mommy loves it so much. It is a very pretty state. I had a great time continuing to sleep as everyone opened up gifts from one another and from Santa.

I got so many nice things from a customized quilt, clothes, jewelry box from my Grammy and Grandpa's Mediterranean cruise, to books and toys. I decided that I really like Christmas and can't wait until next year's already!!

We had so much great food and the whole family was there to enjoy it.